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Dear Architects-Is it time to stop fetishising mobility?!

I am as vulnerable as the next architect to the charms of a silvery 911, or a digitally blurred jet stream image, although, my travels in junkspace, did diminish the glamour of the car. Yours truly has finally understood the significance of mobility, now & here (London, UK 2018ish.). In the neo-liberal city or worldspace, there is no planning really, that was resolved some time ago in the past with the failure of much large scale planning in the 50s/60s/70s. We riff off animal spirits, pure and simple. However, in order to serve our growth, because there must be growth, we need infrastructure, roads, trains, planes & automobiles, there must be tunnels, there must be new rail lines (costs are justified, passenger numbers are increasing, or if they are not they will be by the time we have finished), there must be a bigger airport, so to the extent there is planning this at least must be procured and it has a very powerful effect on spaces and places. #Mobility to

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